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"I very rarely use the word "awesome" because there's nothing above it, but I have to say that working with the MacPherson Team was absolutely awesome!" 


— Bruce M. 

More from our clients...

MacPherson Law is the BEST!!!! I can't say enough about how Ashleigh and Tracy have helped me. They both are the most down to earth and caring people that I know in Law. I was in an auto accident, where the other person side swiped me. Their insurance wanted to settle for $1200. That day I got online and found MacPherson Law. I received a phone call from Tracy saying come in for a consultation. I spoke with Ashleigh and she took my case.  Believe me, I didn't settle for $1200. I'm very happy with my settlement and all the hard work they did for me. Thank you ladies for everything.   


- Kathy M.


My family and I were rear ended in New Orleans while on a Spring Break vacation by an unlicensed, uninsured motorist. We were in unfamiliar territory in how to make sure we were completely compensated by our insurance company. Ashleigh MacPherson took care of all of the communication with our insurance company; thereby getting us all compensation due to us by our policy. She was knowledgeable, professional, and timely. MacPherson Law made a very bad situation better. We are so appreciative for her expertise and fully recommend MacPherson Law!!! 


- Autumn H.



I absolutely love Ashleigh and Tracy. I have never had an attorney that was so attentive to me and my case. They are very professional and friendly. If you want an attorney that will fight for you and one that will keep you updated on your case, then I highly recommend MacPherson Law Firm. I promise they will always greet you with professionalism, a smile and kind word. They will listen to your needs and make time for you. Most attorneys don't give you the time of day without an appointment much less keep you informed. They will.

- Cari G.

We had dealt with 2 previous attorneys on our auto injury case. I was ready to give up. MacPherson Law was quick to get us in to discuss our case and went right to work for us, not just to get us compensated, but to make sure we were physically cared for and would get the treatment we needed. Communication was very clear and we knew exactly where things stood on our case. I would definitely recommend to a friend and God- forbid, use this firm again if we had to! Thanks for looking out for us in such a tough time and working hard to get us more than we ever expected! 

- Jared L.


I just used them for a car wreck when no other lawyer would take me. Coworker discovered them through reviews and I couldn't have been more blessed. I literally just had to take it easy and recover while they did everything for me. Also, they were so personable and understanding. They kept you up-to-date with everything and broke it down for even someone like me could understand without making me feel stupid. I love how upfront and honest they are yet very professional and kind. I would highly recommend them to anyone and - hopefully I never have to - would use them again should the situation arise. An added bonus, I received a nice hefty settlement check, much more than expected, after all of it. I can never thank them enough for everything they have done for me. 

– Derwyn S.


My son had an accident, which was life altering. We were in shock and overwhelmed. We thought hiring a lawyer meant we wanted to fight. One meeting with lots of questions answered we felt not only comfort, but content with how it was all going to work. Ashleigh and Tracy worked endlessly to get things moving quickly, we always had updates and emails to keep us informed and even with Covid-19 we were able to put it all behind us within 6 months. I would recommend anyone to make that first appointment-- I am sure glad we did.

- Tracy and Dustin B.

I called the MacPherson Law in search of a lawyer that could help me with my disability case. Ashleigh answered the phone and I asked her if she could take my case and she told me that she wasn't taking disability cases anymore then she paused and told me that she would take my case anyway.  They are so caring, thoughtful, understanding and thorough. Every time that I came to their office they made me feel so welcome and made sure that I was comfortable. One day I came into the office and Ashleigh told me that it was very hard to win a disability case now I was discouraged and had my doubts that we would win my case and not to long after my last visit Ashleigh called me and told me that we had WON MY CASE! Thank you Ashleigh & Tracy! If I ever am in need of a lawyer, I will be contacting MacPherson Law and so should you. 


– Kelli S.


Diligent, precise, and amazing communication and interaction. MacPherson Law is very personable and understanding of YOUR needs and what YOU want! We will definitely be using them for any of our future endeavors, if needed. We HIGHLY recommend! 

- Casey & Michael S.

The intelligence that went into the approach of preparing and presenting our cases was brilliant, only shadowed by Ashleigh's calm and seasoned negotiating skills. The moment that stands out the most was during our mediation. Holding a file at least 4" thick, Tracy would listen in on what was happening and start casually thumbing through our file. Ashleigh would ask for a paper regarding a topic, and in an instant Tracy would pull the correct paper out and hand it to Ashleigh. To me that meant they knew every detail of our case in their heads and could verify the data without batting an eye. Needless to say, we were delighted with the outcome, and more delighted with the process. That's something you don't find when dealing with such a personal subject that affects you for a lifetime. I guarantee if I called their office today they would know who I am, and most likely even recognize my voice. Simply perfection!

- Ingrid & Gary F.


Our accident took place May 2011. A cab company ran a stop sign and hit us totaling our vehicle and causing injury to my wife and grandson. Unable to deal with the insurance company and their adjuster we hired an attorney. After over 3 years we was not sure if our attorney was working for us or the insurance company. He recused himself in 2017 after I questioned him about our case. We met and hired MacPherson Law on the spot. Both Ashleigh and Tracy were concerned and demonstrated great communications. We have not been disappointed. They have done more for our case in 6 months compared to nothing since 2011.  Thank you both so much. 


– Bobby C.

Ashleigh did an awesome job on my case when my vehicle got totaled in a wreck. She is very knowledgeable and she doesn't take the easy way out, she goes after everything she possibly can. Not only is she the best there is, she's super friendly and makes life easy when going through the case. Highly recommend her!

- Jerrica F.



The MacPherson Law firm was so very helpful in my SSA case. I truly feel that if it had not been from all of their efforts, that I would not have won my case. I would recommend them to anyone. They take the time to know who they are representing and always keep you informed of the progress of your case. If you are looking for a firm that will work for you, this is the firm to have. Thank you so much Ashleigh and Tracy. 


– Sharon A.


I had a picture in my mind of what it was going to be like having an attorney, but when I met Ashleigh and Tracy, that picture quickly faded. I truly believe God directed me to them.  They listened to my story and responded with compassion. I felt more like I was sitting among family than in an attorney's office.  They regularly kept me updated on how things were going and when it came to preparing the demand,  they wrote an amazing  letter!  They not only "encouraged" the insurance company to make the right decision to approve my claim, but did so before it reached the litigation stage.  It took a few months to get the insurance company to "see the light" but when they called to let me know that my claim had finally approved, I think they were almost as thrilled as I was.  I cannot thank Ashleigh and Tracy enough.  They treated me with compassion and respect through the whole process...but more than that, they treated me like a friend. When people ask who helped me with my case, I proudly say, "MacPherson Law, they are amazing." Thank you, again.

- Ruth M. 

I was recommended to Ashleigh by a good friend of mine after my accident. From the beginning Ashleigh and Tracy were wonderful to work with. They were kind, timely and as helpful as I could ever ask someone to be. For a process that I expected to be stressful and time consuming, they made it a breeze. I would recommend MacPherson Law over and over again. Thank you for everything you ladies did for me!!! 


- Victoria C.


I was trying to handle the settlement from a car accident myself. It was just too much work to try and do on my own, plus the insurance company was not being fair or reasonable. I found MacPherson Law and hired them to represent me and I am so glad I did! They went above and beyond in helping me with my case and getting a fair settlement. When the insurance company gave us another less than fair settlement offer, Ashleigh wouldn't back down. I actually got more than I could've gotten on my own. As a working mom they made it easy to find times to meet that fit my schedule. I also appreciated that they didn't mind two kids sitting in the office when I needed to stop by to sign paperwork or check-in. Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort to get me and my family the money we needed to recover from the accident! 


- Karen C.



Ashley and Tracy were awesome! They were always available for us when we needed them or if we had a question or concern. Ashleigh is very thorough and does what she says she'll do! We wouldn't have gotten through this horrible experience without them! They care about the whole person and family, not just money! 


- Kerry W.



Great personalized customer service from this law firm. Everyone went above and beyond to answer all of our questions. Having never used an attorney in the past for a personal injury claim, we can't say enough good things about MacPherson Law. True compassion from the firm! They truly work hard to get you the settlement you deserve!  


-Keith R.



Ashleigh and Tracy worked hard for us. They were compassionate and made us feel like family. The stress and paperwork was overwhelming, but Tracy took it over and eliminated our stress. We highly recommend MacPherson Law. They are an awesome team that will work hard for you and be there for you during the entire process. We were happy with our settlement and we received exactly what they predicted we would get.

- Rich & Laura B. 

Working with MacPherson Law was an amazing experience.  From the time I made the phone call to the time our case was closed, I never had to worry about a single thing.  Ashleigh always had our best interests at heart and truly went to bat for us. She even helped to work with our own insurance company to find additional  coverage that we didn't know existed.  I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.  Thank you MacPherson Law for turning a negative situation into a positive one.  You are greatly appreciated! 


- Tiana S.


Not having ever needed an attorney before, I just chose MacPherson Law out of the phone book. Best choice I could have made. They are very professional, but also very caring, supportive and understanding to your needs as an individual. Ashleigh gets to know who you are as a person. I felt like I was their only case and the money was not as important as helping fix my situation. It was a blessing to work with Ashleigh and Tracy. 


– Cheryl W.


I very rarely use the word "awesome" because there's nothing above it, but I have to say that working with the MacPherson Team was absolutely awesome. I have known and worked with many law firms over my many years, but this firm, hands down is the most down to earth, personal, sincerely caring, and they know how to really dig down, get the facts and get your case settled. I've never, ever in 40 years been so impressed with Ashleigh’s style, dedication to the work, and diligence. I would give my highest recommendation to the MacPherson Law Firm. My deep personal gratitude to Ashleigh and Tracy for their hard work that made a difference.   


– Bruce M.



After losing our sister at a very young age to cancer my younger sister Becki and I secured the services of Ashleigh and her staff to assist us in collecting the social security benefits that our nephew deserved. Our sister never had a will so the process was incredibility complicated. Ashleigh and her staff walked us through the entire process, but just as important to us, they really cared about securing for our nephew what was rightfully his. We want to take this opportunity to thank Ashleigh and her staff and let others know that we highly recommend their services. Professional, aggressive and caring is how we would describe Ashleigh and the MacPherson Law firm. Thank you!


- Buck L.



Ashleigh and Tracy are excellent. They are passionate about what they do, and their experience only adds to the wonderful work that they do. 


– Aja R.


Ashleigh goes above and beyond for her clients. McPherson Law is not just her business, it is her ministry. When we became guardians of our special needs nephew, following the death of my sister, we were lost in grief and paperwork that we did not understand . Ashleigh and her special team came to our rescue. With their expertise, respect, and love they walked us through a very difficult process. We were definitely blessed the day we decided to call MacPherson Law. 


– Becki L.


MacPherson Law went above and beyond what I expected after I was involved in an accident, couldn't have asked for a better experience with them! 


- Ashley P.


I cannot say enough good things about Ashleigh & Tracy! They are with you every step of the way & make you feel like family. Highly recommended!!

- Pam B. 

Ashleigh did a great job for my daughter! She qualified for SSI and then disability very quickly and we had no problems. She was ready to stand behind us or with us if I needed her to. She has great help in the Office and they are also very helpful! I will always recommend her! 


- Laurie P.


Thank you so much for being my attorney.  From the start, you provided expertise to guide me through a complicated system.  More than this, you were caring and compassionate, bolstering my courage.  I can’t say how much I appreciate you.  Thank you!


 - Jannetta L.


Thank you for all that you did for us.  If I would ever need an attorney again, you are the first and only one I would call.  Thank you! 


- Terry L.


I get choked up when I think about how Ashleigh and Tracy working together made a huge difference in my life. They together helped me with my social security and my accident recovery and they did an outstanding job. I truly believe that nobody else could have done a better job then Ashleigh and Tracy. The are so compassionate, sincere and caring, and they made me feel like I was their only client. I can never thank them enough. 


- B. Moreau


I cannot tell you how happy I am that I found you, regardless of what happens.  I feel heard.  I feel respected. 


– Carol C.

Working with the ladies at MacPherson Law was one of the most pleasant professional experiences we have ever encountered. They examined every possible option for us and explained the long term consequences of each. Ashleigh and Tracy were always available and made us confident both in the process and in the results that we were seeking. I would highly recommend Ashleigh and MacPherson Law to anyone.


- Randy & Tera S.

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