Filing for Social Security Disability in Springfield, MO?

Ashleigh MacPherson is the disability lawyer with the experience to ease your burden.

A Caring Disability & SSI Lawyer

If you are attempting to secure Social Security benefits for your disability, you may already be searching for a qualified disability and SSI lawyer in the Springfield, MO area. At MacPherson Law, we understand the frustration you face when applying for disability benefits. Our experienced disability and SSI lawyer, Ashleigh MacPherson, is well-versed in Social Security laws and knows how to avoid the pitfalls that can lead to the all-too-common denial of disability claims. Many clients turn to us for professional guidance after getting denied Social Security disability benefits, despite clearly suffering legitimate disabilities. Others find us because they simply reach the threshold for patience while jumping through hoop after hoop to apply.

Whatever your reason for considering the aid of a trained disability and SSI lawyer, we’re here to help. MacPherson Law has recovered literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in back-owed benefits on behalf of our clients. Based on our proven results, we are very confident in our ability to recover your benefits; therefore, we will charge no fee unless and until your claim is approved.

For Social Security disability lawyers in Springfield MO, trust the SSI lawyer at MacPherson Law.

Comparing Disability Lawyers in Springfield, MO: How to Choose?

The truth is, Springfield, MO is home to a number of disability lawyers who could provide legal advice. However, when dealing with something as personal and important as your disability, it’s important to work with a trusted lawyer who will show you the sincere compassion and commitment it takes to help alleviate your fears. Filing a claim can be a lengthy, discouraging process—all the more so if you’re denied Social Security disability benefits. Why not work with a caring advocate? Ashleigh MacPherson will get to know you on a personal level to understand how coping with a disability impacts your life and your ability to support yourself and your loved ones. Ashleigh and our team will work tirelessly to help potentially speed up the process and increase your chances for recovering the benefits you deserve.

To learn how MacPherson Law can help with your disability claim, schedule a consultation now—it’s 100% free and confidential, or complete our disability case evaluation form and someone from our team will contact you. 

Denied Social Security Disability: What Now?

If you’ve been denied Social Security benefits in Missouri, you’re far from alone. As stated on ssdrc.com, a staggering “70 percent of disability claims in Missouri are denied” upon filing the initial application. Nationally, some 30 - 40 percent of appeals are then shot down at hearing before an administrative law judge, according to disabilitysecrets.com. The numbers are frankly frightening without an aggressive disability lawyer on your side. But the reality of this uphill battle is likely what led you to this site, right? Let us ease your concerns: MacPherson Law can help. Ashleigh and our legal team know the system. We not only know the requirements, but we know how to help prove you meet them. We know the best ways to collect the information the judge will need at hearing, including what medical evidence your doctor must provide. In short, we know what it takes to win your appeal. While no attorney can guarantee a win, we can guarantee we will do all that’s necessary to dramatically improve your chances of being awarded benefits.

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation now to discuss your Social Security disability case, or complete our disability case evaluation form to find out how we can help.