Personal Injury

Looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Springfield, MO?

After a personal injury, lean on Ashleigh MacPherson for strength and guidance.

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

If you need a personal injury lawyer for guidance after an instance of negligence or a careless act, you’re on the right track—regarding both your instincts to seek help and your search. MacPherson Law has extensive experience with personal injury cases in the Springfield, MO area. Our knowledge of Missouri case law, combined with Attorney Ashleigh MacPherson’s relentless and caring approach to every case, has resulted in recovering millions of dollars for our many satisfied clients over the years.

First things first, though: You may be wondering exactly what types of injuries warrant contacting a personal injury lawyer. In legal terms, a personal injury refers to any physical or emotional injury that an individual sustains as the result of another party’s negligence. To put it plainly, if you’ve been hurt because another person—or even a company—has done something careless or deliberately harmful, you may be eligible for financial compensation. And we can help.

MacPherson Law will handle nearly every aspect of your personal injury case to maximize your monetary recovery, whether tried in court or settled to your satisfaction before a lawsuit proves necessary, like most our cases.

A personal injury lawyer in Springfield MO, Ashleigh MacPherson is a boating accident lawyer, hit and run lawyer, and car accident settlement lawyer all in one.

From Boating Accidents to Hit and Runs to Careless Car Accidents to Elder Neglect and More

There are seemingly endless types of personal injury cases. Perhaps you’re searching for an experienced boating accident lawyer after a reckless boating accident on one of the Springfield, MO area’s beautiful lakes. Or maybe you need a hit and run lawyer who knows how to secure a fair car accident settlement by working with—or against, if push comes to shove—the skilled professionals who protect the interests of big insurance agencies. Perhaps your loved one is a victim of elder abuse in a nursing facility. Maybe you can’t earn a living after a slip and fall or a workplace accident. The list goes on and on, and MacPherson Law has considerable success representing clients in widely varying types of personal injury cases.

To learn if our personal injury lawyer recommends pursuing a claim for your injury, schedule a free, confidential consultation now or submit our personal injury case evaluation form and someone from our team will contact you.

The Cost of a Personal Injury Lawyer: Is It Worth It?

MacPherson Law requires a grand total of zero out-of-pocket fees for the advantages you’ll gain by having our knowledgeable personal injury lawyer, Ashleigh MacPherson in your corner. We believe that postponing your payment until our work is done is simply part of our promise to protect clients and their families. After all, you’re likely seeking legal help because your injury has caused pain and financial hardship. Therefore, from the initial no-obligation, 100% free and confidential consultation to every hour we spend preparing your claim to any time spent litigating your case should it go to trial, we won’t accept a dime unless—and until—we collect the compensation you deserve. Instead, we will actually advance the costs of handling your case, alleviating your worry about finding the cash to cover case expenses.

With nothing to invest up front and a wealth of insight to gain, it’s clearly worth your time to schedule a free personal injury claim consultation with Ashleigh MacPherson.

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