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Located near Springfield, MO, MacPherson Law in Nixa, MO is focused exclusively on practicing personal injury, wrongful death and disability law. The firm’s seasoned disability and personal injury attorney, Ashleigh MacPherson, is a rising star among Springfield, MO attorneys partly due to her clearly focused approach. By remaining intricately familiar with Missouri’s ever-changing laws in those three key areas of practice, Ashleigh and the firm are better positioned to maximize recovery in even the most challenging cases. To date, MacPherson Law has recovered millions of dollars in compensation and disability benefits for clients.

Experienced and Dedicated

Ashleigh and MacPherson Law stand out from the many skilled disability, personal injury and wrongful death attorneys in Springfield, MO by providing personalized service to each and every client—no matter how large or small the claim. If you’re currently searching for an experienced attorney with the compassion and dedication to see your case through to an optimal outcome, schedule a free consultation to see what sets MacPherson Law apart from other firms.

As a small firm, we’re able to get to know our clients on a personal level and truly understand their individual needs. We believe personal service sets MacPherson Law apart from other firms in the Springfield area. Thanks to our results and sincere approach, our clients agree.

— Ashleigh MacPherson

Personal Injury Attorney

Auto Accidents | Pedestrian Accidents | Workplace Injuries | Slips & Falls

A personal injury attorney may prove necessary if an unexpected injury wreaks havoc on your life. The inability to work, seemingly endless hospital bills, or any permanently debilitating effects from the injury you’ve suffered can leave you searching for the wisest thing to do. We can help. Our personal injury team deals with insurance companies every day, and we know how to effectively work with them—and against them if necessary—to maximize your compensation. Discover how our personalized approach to personal injury law can help alleviate your fears and frustrations as MacPherson Law aggressively works to recover all you deserve.

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Wrongful Death Attorney

Automobile Fatalities | Premises Fatalities | Workplace Fatalities

An unexpected death of a loved one always leaves the victim's surviving family members struggling with shock and grief. When the loss of a loved one is the result of another party's negligence or wrongdoing, the grief only intensifies. Wrongful deaths tend to trigger turmoil over whether or not to pursue legal action. It often becomes evident that someone must hold the responsible party accountable. But how are you supposed to fight that battle while overcome with grief? You’re not. Allow us to do it for you. Please take a moment to learn how our wrongful death attorney will work to ensure the negligent party is held accountable, while also protecting you from unnecessary distraction during this difficult time.

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Disability Attorney

Social Security Disability | Long-Term Disability Insurance

We understand people in and around Springfield, MO generally turn to a disability attorney only after getting fed up with the lengthy, frustrating process of filing for Social Security disability. After jumping through all the hoops, even with a strong case, many deserving claimants get denied at the application stage. That’s why we urge folks to give us a call for guidance from an experienced disability attorney before risking mistakes that can delay benefits for months or even years. Extensive experience navigating disability claims for both Social Security and long-term disability plan benefits has taught us the ins and outs of the system. Rather than swim the sea of disability documentation on your own, learn how MacPherson Law can serve as your legal lifejacket, so to speak, for disability matters.

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