Our History

Stability. Knowledge. Compassion.

MacPherson Law thrives because we guide our clients to prevail over injustice.

Fighting on Our Clients' Behalf

At the heart of MacPherson Law’s long history of successful cases lies a common truth—helping to even the playing field for our clients during difficult and stressful times is one of the many things we're proud of here at MacPherson Law. To illustrate our dedication, we asked Ashleigh to describe a recent personal injury case:

“After negotiating for a year and a half with a major insurance company, the company finally offered to pay our client the full policy limits, resulting in a sizable sum. This would be a successful outcome in any scenario; however, what makes this outcome notable is that the insurance company had repeatedly denied owing our client a dime. In fact, they had completely denied the claim on three separate occasions despite receiving ample evidence that the claim was legitimate.

Our client grew understandably discouraged—honestly, so did we. Yet, we never lost sight of our goal, which is to ensure MacPherson Law clients receive fair and just treatment from the companies that would almost certainly outmatch them otherwise. By calling out the insurance company for its bad behavior, we were eventually able to force it to pay what was fair without ever even filing a lawsuit.”

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Early Successes

MacPherson Law has successfully handled Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, and Disability cases since YEAR, when Cynthia MacPherson opened the firm. Before becoming an Ozark County Associate Circuit Judge, Cynthia served as an excellent attorney and leader at MacPherson Law, as Ashleigh recalled:

“I was incredibly blessed to have my mother-in-law, Cynthia MacPherson, as a mentor for my first 6 years in practice. When I joined the firm, she helped show me how to balance professional success with my personal life as a wife, mother and steward for the greater Springfield, MO community. Balancing work and home life was something, she said, many men in our profession have struggled to achieve. Despite her reputation for being one of the toughest and heavy-hitting litigators at any law firm in the Springfield area, Cynthia always emphasized the importance of taking on cases that may not be profitable or popular but are simply the right thing to do. Following this invaluable advice also lets me fulfill my childhood dream to make life fairer for those less fortunate.

Knowledge through Experience

MacPherson Law has extensive experience handling personal injury matters as well as wrongful death claims and social security claims and appeals. We provide our clients competent, skilled representation, though Ashleigh is quick to point out, “it is not what we do that sets us apart; it is how and why we do it. We show the same sincere compassion for all our clients, whatever the person’s background or the potential fee in the case.”

Perhaps that’s why so many clients who come to us after dealing with other Springfield area law firms are stunned by the amount of time and care we take to fully understand not only their legal issues but also their personal situations, which may or may not be relevant to the given case. When considering all the knowledge gained through her legal experience, Ashleigh says “that simple recognition by clients is the thing that lets me know MacPherson Law is doing something right and something important.”